VOCALS, (and a little) NIPPLE FISH - Betsy is the proud mother of five beautiful kids. The babies just kept showing up until she and her husband figured out what was causing it...and quit drinking. After working tirelessly as chauffeur, cook, laundress, PTA representative, and all around domestic goddess, her children became teenagers and no longer needed her. She heard Mr. Wilson Band one night at Frasier's, and an idea was born. She figured the best way to get even with her kids was to join a rock and roll band and embarrass them beyond belief. She immediately started stalking the members of the band. When the restraining order didn't work, they reluctantly invited her to join their merry troupe. She now does their laundry, their cooking and In exchange, they occasionally let her sing (and sometimes even play the nipple fish).

LEAD VOCALS, (and a little) DRUMS - A singer is someone who sings well. A vocalist is someone that people like to hear sing. That makes me …. a lawyer. I could say that music is my life, but, of course, that would be a lie. I think I’d still rather be a professional baseball player. This is my third band, the first two being the memorable High Velocity and the ever popular The Border. If you remember either one of those bands, I am very, very sorry. I’d like to thank my 8th grade chorus teacher for teaching me that one can be musical and have a colorful combination of gray and green hair (I still don’t understand that one). I’d also like to thank 5 out of 6 of my band mates for being older than me.

Top 3 most overheard questions at a mister wilson gig: (3) The cute blond chick is pretty good, but who’s the nerdy guy standing next to her?; (2) How come nobody up there ever smiles?; (1) Who the f*#!@ is mister wilson?!


GUITAR - Ben was constantly thrown out of every music class he attended starting with Miss Strahans's elementary school class. Prior to age 39, Ben's only musical experience came in pre-school when he held a miniature "STOP" sign like a guitar and pretended to strum along to early Beatles songs. Being a long time fan of the Grateful Dead after Jerry Garcia's death Ben said "what the hell" and decided that he wanted to learn how to play the guitar. mister wilson came by, I got on, that's when it all began.


DRUMMER - Rj took up drumming in 1998, at the ripe age of 38 , when her then 9 year old daughter decided that she wanted to quit her pre-paid drumming lessons.

The potential loss of $100 for the unused lessons had absolutely nothing — possibly something — totally everything — to do with her decision to pick up where her daughter left off.

Finally, although she doesn’t quite remember, Randee also believes she heard that drumming would help prevent an early onset of acute memory loss. She has been beating the skins ever since.

Finally, although she doesn’t quite remember, Randee also believes she heard that drumming would help prevent an early onset of acute memory loss. She has been beating the skins ever since.

    KEYS, VOCALS - Ever since Bob blew the audience away with his ska-calypso version of “Good King Wenceslas” in Mrs. Heller’s 2nd grade piano recital at Bedford Elementary School, he knew that playing rock and roll was his destiny. However, his love of sports kept him from pursuing this dream. Sadly, as an offensive and defensive lineman for the second-place Milford Mill High School football team (all the other schools were tied for first), Bob suffered a near fatal splinter riding the bench. He then pursued a career in medicine, determined to win the Nobel Prize for his work in the area of infectious cuticle disease. When his thesis was roundly rejected by the nominating committee, his life went into a tailspin filled with despair. He finally hit rock bottom where he was found lying in a curb along North Avenue when the members of mister wilson found him yelling “Free Bird” at the top of his lungs.

GUITAR - You know how the Wizard of Oz starts out in sepia tones ? Gradations of light and dark. After the tornado, Dorothy emerges from the crashed house and everything is in bright color...When I was six, my parents came home with a copy of Meet The Beatles - and when I heard the first chords of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" the color of the world changed...At the age of six I renounced medical school (sorry mom), and knew that one day I would wear pointy black zip up boots, have strange hair, and would reside in Liverpool. I took up the guitar, and began practicing my English accent.

But you know, tastes change, and so do dreams. Fast forward to New York where, I was playing in a band called Motley Jew, one of the better Hasidic Jewish Motley Crue tribute bands. As gratifying as it was (we did an amazing version of Dr. Feelgood, changing the lyrics to Dr Feingold), something wasn't right, something was missing, (and it is difficult to play heavy metal music with all of that clothing on and the sable hat).

And then it came to me...like a bolt of lightning...Baltimore...Baltimore is kind of similar to Liverpool, and people call you "Hon", and the hair......and wear strange shoes too...We would move to Baltimore, and I would seek that huge splash of color that Dorothy saw when she walked into Munchkinland. And you know...Munchkinland, if you think about it, is a lot like Pikesville...

So we moved the whole family to Baltimore, and now I get to play Twist and Shout.








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